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We have 21 large kennels with enclosed heated bedding areas and covered outside runs. Our kennels can accommodate more than one dog from the same family sharing. We welcome all breeds and sizes from Chihuahuas to Great Danes!

We have several large exercise yards and a large secure orchard. If your dog is happy to play with our other guests we socialise them under supervision so the can have as much exercise as possible. If you prefer for your dog not to mix, be reassured that they will still have equal amounts of time out and attention. In the warmer months we have paddling pools for the dogs to play in and have fun.

All our dogs have daily walks (on leads) as they would at home to explore our country location.

We follow your instructions on your dogs feeding regime and aim to keep to their routine. Treats and food are included in the price with the exception of veterinary prescription diets and raw meats. However you are more than welcome to bring this with you.

We provide beds and warm comfy bedding, bowls, toys and anything else your dog may require. Please feel free to bring something from home if you think your dog would like this.

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